Adult prospective study

Hey Amit,It would be a great precursor to an RCT and we certainly found people willing to participate when we did the Propofol/Midaz study. We’ve already talked about the difficulty with recording accurate data by nurses and docs. Personally, I can’t commit any more time to anything except basic bodily functions but I’d support your initiative whole heartedly if you decide to go ahead. Feel free to use any of the documents, etc. we used for the Prop/Midaz study.Cheers,Greg

Greg I can find someone to assist you with your basic bodily functions if it will free you up for research activities. I would envision this study mainly focusing on complications, dosage used, and satisfaction rates with use of ketamine propofol. It would involve some time to set up and get approval (I would do that part), and then just a few people who would commit to a bit of documentation during the procedure on basics. I would not see this being a large amount of paperwork for the doc. I really think this would be an easy study to do (famous last words). Will pull together some thoughts on this and discuss further in the new year. Amit

Alright folks,I am now officially on the BB.Kris