Billing - Special Visit Code (SVP) for "On-Call" Coding

Hi Everyone,

Jason Lam pointed out that procedure premium E409 can be used in lieu of E412 on evenings/weekends/holidays with this format. At night you would continue to use the E413 code. I have updated the billing guide to reflect this.

Happy to answer any further questions/concerns.



Julie Kim , MSc, MD, FRCPC,

Cert. Resuscitation and Reanimation (Simulation)

Emergency Physician and Assistant Professor

Faculty Simulation Co-Coordinator

Div. Emergency Medicine, London Health Sciences Centre
Schulich School of Medicine, Western University

Please refer to the attached guide for billing on-call shifts with special visit premiums. This document has also been reviewed by Trillium.

If you still have questions, you may hold onto your pink sheets and email Julie or Alex after your shift.SVP Billing Guide_Nov2020.pdf (338.2 KB)