COVID Billing - Dr. Julie Kim

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share with those who are evaluating potential COVID patients and calling public health that you can bill your H code, as well as the phone call to public health K034. I confirmed this with Trillium today and wanted to share this, given that this is often time-consuming and we are continuing (for now) to see patients in the ED. You can see Trillium’s response below.

The list of reportable diseases on the SOB does not include COVID but includes SARS, so I thought it would be worth asking. The diagnosis should indicate you are investigating COVID and not just “viral illness”.

“Hi Dr. Kim,
Yes, I would say go ahead and bill the K034. I don’t see why it wouldn’t pay. Perhaps with just a diagnosis of 079 (viral). And, yes, you can bill the H code on top of the phone call code.”



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