EMA Office hours

[SIZE=2]EMA office [/SIZE][SIZE=2][/SIZE] [SIZE=2]Dec 25,26,27 - closed[/SIZE][SIZE=2]Dec 28, 29 - open [/SIZE][SIZE=2]Jan 1 - closed, then open as usual[/SIZE][SIZE=2][/SIZE] [SIZE=2]Of note: I will be away from the office January 5th and returning Monday, January 15th (hopefully with a tan!). So please, if you need anything, let me know soon![/SIZE][SIZE=2][/SIZE] [SIZE=2]Thanks for a great year! [/SIZE][SIZE=2][/SIZE] [SIZE=2]I wish all of you and your families a Happy Holiday Season![/SIZE][SIZE=2][/SIZE] [SIZE=2]Melanie[/SIZE]