Is the email system not working?

Hi Tarek,

I have sent out emails on Derrick’s behalf from his gmail account to and, and I received neither to my email account. The only place they appeared was in the forum. Can you please look into this problem. As I said in a previous email, I think it would be helpful to also have the sender copied on any email, so that they could be assured that it actually went out.



Hi Laura,

I posted your email in the forum and am posting my response here since I know one other person has had this issue and others must be wondering the same thing.

I know that in the meantime, there are issues of confidence with whether or not an email has been sent. To check if an email has been properly received (and thus sent), simply check to see on the forum if it exists. However, there are a few more parts that I’ll go through below.

If there’s a problem with an email sent, you’ll get an error message back. If there isn’t, the system doesn’t send a confirmatory email, and I don’t think it necessarily should.

As a recipient, here’s what is happening behind the scenes:

When a message comes in, the system tells itself that it wants user X to see it. It makes a series of assumptions, one of which is that if user X is logged in currently, then they will see the message. That’s the notification area in the top right of the screen. If the user is active on the site, then it will not send an email message.

I think this behaviour is sensible and promotes the use of Discourse as a mixed email list / web forum.

If you want to change this behaviour, simply go to your preferences (here in your case) and change the setting Send me email notifications even when I am active on the site.

If you also want to receive emails that you send, then select Enable mailing list mode and select Send me an email for every new post, which would include your own posts.

I hope that helps!

Thank you for your feedback and patience!!!

tarek : )

Thanks for the information Tarek. Mel told me she didn’t receive either of the emails from Derrick either. I will try the new settings and see how they work. How long should I expect it to take for an email to go out if I have sent it to one of the addresses?


About 10 minutes. Mel asked to be taken off the schedules list and was quite a few weeks ago. If she wants to be added back on, I can show her again how to do that.

tarek : )

Hi Tarek
i am still receiving these.
I received this one - subject:[Schedule/Adult schedules] July 1st VIC 1600-2400 Shift - Covered!

I just double-checked, and indeed - I thought we had disconnected that. It must be the case then that you were also logged in within 10 minutes. If you want all emails, regardless of login status on the forum, then simply add the mailing list mode as above.

I’m fine for now to continue to receive them. Keeps me in the loop.