[SIZE=2]Hi All, I just spoke with Greg and we are wondering if the data collection forms, study protocol and HSREB application can be sorted out electronically. It appears we all have busy schedules and at this rate, we won’t be meeting as a group until June! Karalyn, was there anything specific you wanted to meet about or anything you are unclear or unsure of for the protocol? You have done a tremendous job of putting the forms and the HSREB application together! I will go over the HSREB application in more detail either later today or Friday morning, but I think we should be ready to submit the ethics application next week unless there are any issues that still need to be resolved. Amit, would you please be so kind as to check with your group in St. Thomas to find out if the protocol needs to be approved by the MAC or some other governing board? Will they accept UWO approval or is there a private board they deal with? I would love to have this ready to go by the end of June…hopefully with RAs in place! Thanks,Shelley:)[/SIZE]