New users

Andrew and or Tarek…

Can one of you add the following users to the website or change their permissions to reflect being staff ED docs. As far as I know none of them have signed EMA partnership agreement so EMA discussions should be off limit until they do. I will ask Mel to notify you when this happens. thanks

Dr. Mohammed Shanti (
Dr. Nadder Sharif (
Dr. Mirza Baig (
Dr. Rachel Gagnier
Dr. Heather Bairg / Gladwell
Dr. Victor Ng
Dr. Matthew Davis
Dr. Allie Meiwald
Dr. Tom Jimenez


Presumably this doesn’t happen until July? In the meantime, I’ll set up the other accounts.


thanks for your prompt attention to this. I thought we could give them access now so they can keep up to date with whats going on in London before they come (for the out of towners)? Terry and I had talked about giving them EMA access once they signed the partnership agreement.

I will setup the accounts of the out-of-towners and email them directly.

The others already have access as residents (except Tom, who already has a consultant login/pass). Did you want me to up their status to consultant as early as well?