Research Interests

Hello All, We would like to update the research and academic activities section of the [URL=][COLOR=#800080][/COLOR][/URL] website. If you are interested in having your name added to the site, please send me the following: 1. Research and/or Academic Interests: Please list up to 5 areas of interest (ie: medical education, procedural sedation, clinical decision rules, pre-hospital care, trauma etc…) 2. Current/Upcoming Research Projects: Only the title is required, but you may also send a brief (1-2 sentences) description of the project. 3. Abstracts/Publications in the last 5 years. If the abstract was presented at a conference, please give the name and year of the conference. For all peer-reviewed publications, please provide the journal reference. 4. Any funds currently held or awarded in the past 5 years. Who was the PI, what was your specific role (ie: site investigator), the granting agency and the amount awarded. I would appreciate your reply before April 1st 2007. Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions. Kindest Regards, Shelley