Telephone Codes for Patient Care - Mar 14 2020

Hello everyone,

As you may be aware, there have been some new telephone codes for patient care as of March 14, 2020.

This would apply to a discrepancy call to a patient where an MD (not the discrepancy nurse) is able to make contact and speak with a patient about their visit to provide information about a diagnosis, ongoing care and/or change in management. The most likely code would be K080. These codes are listed as “temporary” so we will let you know if/when we are no longer allowed to use telephone encounters for patients. See below the description for the codes.

Required for billing:

  1. Documentation of the call on the patient’s chart- the ED/UCC Telephone encounter note would suffice.

  2. The note would have to document:

-date of call

-time of call


-recommendations/treatment (ie antibiotic prescription)

  1. As the pink sheet would already have been collected from the initial visit, Trillium would need you to print the note and add additional information not automatically on the ED/UCC Telephone encounter note:

-Discrepancy doctor name

-Billing code (K080)

-patient’s DOB

-patient’s health card info

*It may be easiest to have a clerk print a sticker, and then give these sheets to the clerk as you would the pink billing sheets for the billing office.



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Julie Kim , MSc, MD, FRCPC,

Cert. Resuscitation and Reanimation (Simulation)

Emergency Physician and Assistant Professor

Faculty Simulation Co-Coordinator

Div. Emergency Medicine, London Health Sciences Centre
Schulich School of Medicine, Western University