Use you Blackberrys as Pagers

Those of you who like Blackberrys will be glad to learn that you can ditch your pager. talk to IT about using your Blackberry as a pager. You can even st different ring tones. I liked it for sure. I talked to Chris Gysemans at St. Joes to set it up. try it folks.

I know Scott’s been using this for awhile - he can let you know his experience as well.

If you want to turn in your pager, please give it to me, as EMA is being charged for the pagers on a monthly basis.Thanks

If you are going to use your blackberry as your pager, please contact Chris Gysemans at St. Joe’s. She will need to know: your pager # (before you hand it in to me!), your Cell #, your Cell provider, and if you have a text msg plan. Please contact her at ext 64236. Please let me know if you will be using your blackberry. Thanks

Does this work for non-Blackberry cell phones as well?

As long as your cell phone has a text messaging plan, I’ve been told that YES, you can use it as your pager. Just be sure to follow the instructions I posted in this thread.Thanks