Happy International Doctor's Day!

I am not one for sappy quotes and poems personally, but some people are - so this is for you!

I do want to extend a thank you, personally, for all that you do. You are an incredible group of people to work with.

The Good Doctor

The dictionary defines a doctor as “one trained in the art of healing”;
But that simple, brief description is not especially revealing.
For good doctors have virtues that cant be measured by a test;
Certain special qualities, with which they have been blessed.

Such as how to really listen; how to calm an anxious mind.
And guided daily by the oath that they swore to observe,
They treat all those in their care with the respect they deserve.

Good doctors are confident; they believe in their ability;
But they never lose sight of the importance of humility.
For they know that they’re not perfect, and their effectiveness depends
On their awareness that, as doctors, learning never ends.

Good doctors will make sacrifices, and many times indeed
They set aside their personal lives when a patient is in need.
And most of all they know it’s not the things they may possess,
But rather how they’ve cared for others that’s the true gauge of success.