Revamped forums and website

Hello friends,

As you know, @ajones and I have spent lots of time revamping the site and trying to reorganize the foundations of it. Today, we have these new forums based on Discourse, which should be a huge step forward. For example, they will eventually integrate fully into email, allow deeper conversations and linking and make following conversations easier.

Also, this newest overhaul represents a step away from our previous approach of trying to house everything in EML. If you want to start your own site or try out your own app development, go ahead. Using OAuth2, we can integrate the logins.

Feel free to post any issues here, and we’ll try our best to address them!

tarek : ) and Andrew :sunglasses:

@dthompson Could you please take the time to browse around discourse for a bit? I know @ajones will be itching to change the theming, so perhaps no need to comment on that, but usability would be great. We’ll gradually bring in more folks until it feels ready to go.

tarek : )

@cforristal: Care to join us too?

tarek : )

Two things I’ve run into: 1. BBCode (a weird markup language) is messing shit up. 2. There are quite a few pages that need attachments re-uploaded. I’ll make a separate thread that prompts people to upload attachments back.

tarek : )

This topic is now a banner. It will appear at the top of every page until it is dismissed by the user.

This topic is no longer a banner. It will no longer appear at the top of every page.

hey tarek - just spent a little time surfing around the website. i can’t say i am a huge user of the forum in the past, so i can’t comment too much on how different this program is from the last. the layout of posts and ease of viewing their activity seems to be improved and is visually more appealing. i really like the idea of being able to email one email to send a group note e.g. about a shift trade etc. the email notifications of posts is also a good idea as i do not go to the forum on a regular basis.

old posts that i have gone through have some formatting inconsistencies - i suspect you know that.

will let you know of other issues as i see them. thanks for your work on all of this.


Hi Amit,

Thank you for the comments!

Yes, I’m aware of the formatting issues on old posts. it has to do with basically having 3 generations of forums that were smushed when converting. I’m fixing them one-by-one as I see them and trying not to get too OCD about it : )

I myself am more fond of email than web forums, which is why this software appealed to me - it allows users to pick the way they prefer to be notified and go from there, so they can have weekly digests, daily, mail by mail, etc. or never - and just always go to the web forum…

tarek : )