Sedation study poll/discussion

Dear colleagues-- The sedation study group is looking at getting rolling a pilot study in the new year looking at adverse events in adult patients receiving procedural sedation in the LHSC EDs using either propofol alone or a combination of ketamine and propofol. We’re looking at assigning treatment to propofol or ketamine+propofol by physician preference, so we’d like to ask the group a few questions first. 1. Do you already routinely use a combination of ketamine and propofol for procedural sedation of adults in your practice? 2. Would you be willing to be a “Ketamine + Propofol” physician when it’s clinically appropriate to enroll your patients in the study (Ketamine 0.5 mg/kg+Propofol 0.5 mg/kg followed by propofol boluses). 3. If you’d prefer to stick to propofol alone, would you be willing to use the propofol dosing schedule proposed for the control arm of the study (0.5 mg/kg followed by 0.25 mg/kg boluses at 30-60 second intervals). 4. In healthy patients appropriate for study inclusion would you be willing to begin procedural sedation without supplemental O2? I’ll post the questions to the message board as well. Responses can come either to me (in confidence) or in further discussion on the message board. Thanks, on behalf of the sedation study group. Andrew

I’m replying to say I’m here and to say thanks for posting this Andrew. We’ll get people onto this BB thing if it kills us…Maybe we should start using Facebook?Cheers,Greg

  1. no2. yes3. yes4. yes Roy

Hi Andrew,It looks like we could likely get 16 people on board? However we only have 18 responses plus the 4 consultants in the Ketofol group leaves half of the group with no responses. I think we need to approach the ones who did not respond with a second email as a reminder. I’d like to see as many people participate as possible. Once we get to the RCT stage, the expectation will be like any other study in the ED, that there will be near 100% buy in, if that’s possible.I envision inviting any consultants with questions or comments before the start up date for an electronic or personal Q&A session.Or we can all charter an aircraft and go biking in Oak Creek…Cheers,GregPS This will be posted on the BB and everyone who logs in will receive a free sample of coconut oil suntan lotion to go with the balmy weather we’re having.PSS Please include Mike Peddle in your emails. Thanks.

We’re up to 22 or 23 responses. I’ll send out something to non-responders.AM

Thanks Andrew.Cheers,Greg