Updated AcuitySTAR = $$$ - Manuals, Tutorials, Contacts

Hello Everyone

To help you with inputting your hours for this quarterly payout, I’ve linked written manuals and video tutorials of step-by-step instructions below.

Important Notes
Create a new entry for every different teaching session you have done. It will be not be sufficient to extend the date on a previous entry to include your last teaching session.
You can group similar teaching session but you must specify the quarterly time frame (ex: April 2016 to June 2016)- This will be the main search criteria for hours. Anything outside this time frame will not show up and therefore, will not be counted

Include Type of Course/Activity AND Common Name AND Course/Activity. Certain courses are weighed differently and require this distinction in order to be properly accounted for.

Program Teaching Cheat Sheet that can help categorize courses
Program Teaching Cheat Sheet.docx6 (39.2 KB)

Overall AcuitySTAR Outline for your own reference
Acuity Star Outline for Doctors.docx4 (43.3 KB)

Failure to input teaching hours prior to the quarterly deadline will result in a rejection of hours and will not be paid out.

Written Manuals:
Fact Sheet - https://www.schulich.uwo.ca/star/docs/Program%20Teaching%20FAQ.pdf1
Reference Guide Index - https://www.schulich.uwo.ca/star/resources/star_reference_guides.html1

Use version 5.16

Page 40 for Program Teaching

Cathy Cole
Medicine STAR Coordinator
Ex: 32643

Jill O’Dowda
PAEDS STAR Coordinator
Ex: 58129

Finally, if you are not confident that you have inputted your hours correctly, you are welcome to contact the Divisional Assistant to verify them.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation